Rhug Organic Lamb

There are three flocks, two at Rhug and one on our coastal farm Near Caernarfon, Ty Mawr (where our famous Salt Marsh Lamb comes from). The breed we now use is  a North Country Mule ewe , (a cross between Swaledale and Blueface) , tupped with a Beltex, Texel cross. We have found this gives great confirmation along with remarkable texture and flavour. The ewes do very well on our ground and are great milkers. We can even suckle three lambs from the one mother!

The ewes are all scanned around Christmas time so we know exactly how many lambs each ewe is carrying so they can be divided up and fed accordingly. The early lambs are born at the end of January and theses are brought in for lambing, the bulk of the lambs are born in March and April and these are lambed outside. We find outside lambing is more natural and healthy but other reasons make us lamb one flock inside.

The first lambs sold off the farm are Milk Lambs and these are lambs at foot with their mother, they are still suckling the mother but also eating grass and we pick one of a twin for animal welfare reasons leaving one lamb with the mother (the lamb benefits from more milk and the mother has no stress). The first Milk Lambs are available in April. The meat is pale red and tender, rather delicate and sweet.

The next lambs available are the organic Spring Lambs, from May onwards these lambs then turn into standard lambs and availability continues throughout the entire year. The flavour is enhanced by age and end of season lambs from December to May are called Hoggets.

The Salt Marsh Lambs are seasonal as the flavour is dependent on the growth of herbs and coarse grasses that grow on land flooded by the sea. Once the lamb has consumed sufficient samphire, sea lavender and coastal grasses this very unique sweet flavour filters through into the meat and intensifies as the season goes on. The lambs are very much sort after by some of the best chefs in the world. The season finishes around Christmas time when the grasses start to die back and the unique flavour goes out of the meat. All lamb from Rhug Farms carry area status (PGI). Rhug lamb is available from our stand at the famous Borough market in London, from our award winning farm shop and Bistro in North Wales, or by mail order via this website and by telephoning the sales office on 01490 413 000 extension 1.