Tractor_Ride from Rhug Estate on Vimeo

Lord Newborough is owner of Rhug Estate in North Wales which comprises the main farm in Corwen Denbighshire farming 6700 acres and Ty Mawr on the Gwynedd coast farming 1300 acres. Currently the farms produce Aberdeen Angus Beef, Welsh Lamb,  Welsh Salt Marsh Lamb , Chicken, Geese and Turkeys at Christmas and Thanksgiving all reared organically. We also run a herd of Wild Bison and more recently have begun supplying wild forage from both farms. . In 2002 we began retailing from the farm gate selling take away burgers and hot pots and fresh farm meat from a butchers counter. This has developed into the now thriving award winning Farm Shop, Bistro and Take away where meat from the farm can be showcased. In 2004 Rhug began wholesaling to restaurants in the South East such as Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons, Tom Aiken and Marcus Wareing and we still retain these customers to this day. We supply independent delis with retail packs, baby food companies, yachts, gastro pubs and  proudest of all is that they have now started to sell organic halal lamb and chicken for Tower Hamlets Schools in London. In 2010 at a request from an organic outlet in Singapore we began exporting. This led on to markets in Hong Kong, Dubai and Croatia as the Rhug brand has become renowned worldwide and is now on the menus of more than 20 Michelin starred restaurants.

Self-sufficiency of the farm and its “circle of life philosophy” are paramount. Organic arable crops, vetches, beets and herbs (specifically cultivated to replace any need for artificial supplements and medicines) are grown on the farm to ensure the livestock have a healthy and balanced diet. Hedgerows are allowed to flourish. The sheer scale of managing crop and livestock rotation to prevent the build-up of disease and toxins in the soil and animals is mind boggling. Natural remedies have to be used instead of conventional medicines. Provenance and traceability are key, no pesticides or chemicals can be present in anything on the farm. We use the local family run abattoir and the meat is returned to the estates purpose built maturation and cutting plant.

Slow growing breeds are chosen to ensure the end product has the best possible flavour and this is of course the ultimate goal, after all what is the point of being organic but tasteless?  This is where Rhug excels, not only are we organic but we are producing some of the best meat and poultry on the market. To try one of our 14 week Hubbard chickens is to hark back to a time when chicken actually tasted of chicken. This has been achieved by listening to our customers.

There are no short cuts in organic farming and huge investments continue to be made.  We are introducing Stabiliser bulls to the Aberdeen Angus herd to improve the marbling within the beef. Lord Newborough cannot resist a challenge and the key is to start small, learn along the way and build on great quality produce by not compromising on quality.