Rhug Organic Chicken

Rhug Organic Chickens are slow maturing birds that are free to range onto organic pastures for 11 to 16 weeks. The birds are hand reared in a temperature controlled environment for the first 11 days before turning out into huts of only 600.

Because of the smaller flock size, imposed by the Soil Association, the birds are able to exhibit their natural behaviour. The addition of shelters in the field and perches in the houses adds to their comfort.

Rhug Organic Chickens free ranging on the estate

With each batch, the huts are moved onto fresh ground and this patch is not returned to for two years to prevent the build-up of disease.

The chickens are finished in a stress free environment where they are allowed to truly range freely, exercising all day picking and scratching in the clover rich pasture, just enjoying the freedom of outside life! This results in flavoursome firm textured meat. They are fed on 30% home grown organic oats.

The highest animal welfare standards are used and everything is strictly monitored by the Soil Association.

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