Organic Welsh Lamb

Rhug organic lambs are born, bred and reared at Lord Newborough's main farm at Rhug in Corwen.

The farm rising from 500 to 1500ft is ideally situated to grow lush grass. The pastures are sown with a selection of herbs and grasses, including chicory, cocksfoot, timothy and red and white clover which all contribute to their award winning taste and flavour.

Both the lowland and highland flock are all North Country Mules. The highland flock lamb outdoors later in the season and thus we can produce lamb all year round. Our Welsh lamb has PGI status (protected geographical indication) and is noted as some of the best lamb in the world.

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Organic Salt Marsh Lamb

Our distinctively flavoured Rhug Salt Marsh Organic Lamb comes from our coastal farm near Caernarfon.

We run a flock of North Country Mules chosen because they are hardy, good mothers, prolific and ideally suited to this environment.

The fields are washed by the sea in the winter and therefore grow special grasses and herbs such as sea lavender, samphire, sorrel, thrift and other saltmarsh grasses. This unique environment imparts the lamb with its distinctive and very special, sweet, light flavour that is so sought after by top chefs throughout the world.

Salt Marsh lamb is seasonal because as the grasses die back in the winter the flavour diminishes.

This is the very best of Welsh lamb. Available from May to December.